Digital Filter Design Software

This page lists digital filter design software tools for DSP. Tools are categorized as Commercial, Open-Source, Freeware, or Web-Based.

Commercial Filter Design Software

Commercial filter design software tools generally have more capabilities than their open/free counterparts, making them more productive to use.

Program Description / Notes
ScopeFIR By: Iowegian International Corporation (dspGuru's parent company)   For: Windows 

We may be biased, but we believe ScopeFIR is the very best FIR filter design program available. ScopeFIR designs FIR filters using the Parks-McClellan method, as well as several other popular FIR filter design methods. Its highly refined, multi-window graphical user interface (including multi-level zooming!) makes it very productive to use. And it provides a large number features to help you fully analyze and customize your filter design.

Best of all, ScopeFIR costs only $299, which also makes it the best value in professional-quality FIR filter design software. If ScopeFIR saves just a few hours of your time (as we believe it will!), it will quickly pay for itself. ScopeFIR has a 30-day free trial period, so we encourage you to try it for yourself by downloading it from the Iowegian web site.  Includes free FIR filter implementation code in C.

By: Iowegian International Corporation (dspGuru's parent company)   For: Windows 

Again, we may be biased, but we believe ScopeIIR provides the best available IIR filter design solution.  ScopeIIR designs lowpass, highpass, and bandpass digital IIR filters based on Butterworth, Chebyshev, and elliptic prototypes. From there, you can tweak your filter using a sophisiticated pole-zero manipulation capability.  ScopeIIR automatically segments your IIR design into biquads, and outputs coefficients in a wide variety of data formats.

For $299, we believe ScopeIIR's IIR filter design and analysis is simply unmatched.  Try it free for 30 days by downloading it from the Iowegian web site.  Includes free IIR filter implementation code in C.

QEDesign By: Momentum Data Systems   For: Windows and Unix

By: DSP Development Corporation  For: Windows

DADiSP's Filter Design Module adds a FIR and IIR capability to the DADiSP interactive graphical worksheet.


By: National Instruments  For: Windows

The LabVIEW Filter Design Toolkit provides interactive and programmatic design, analysis, and implementation of FIR/IIR digital filters within LabVIEW.

Fiwiz By: Rainer Storn   For: Java



Here are some filter design applications which can be used interactively from the Internet.

Name By Notes
TFilter Peter Isza Gnerates linear phase, optimal, equiripple FIR filters via the Parks-McClellan algorithm. Provideds FIR coefficient outputs in a variety of formats.
Interactive Digital Filter Design Tony Fisher Source code is provided.


Open Source

"Open Source" is simply software whose source code is publicly available. (See our "OpenDSP" section for additional open and/or free DSP software. Also, if you're looking for filter design "routines" rather than filter design "applications", be sure to see Charles Poynton's Filter Design Software page.)

Program Description / Notes
Meteor By: Weimin Liu    For: Windows

This is the "Meteor" program for constraint-based FIR design by Steiglitz/Parks/Kaiser, wrapped inside a Windows GUI. Pascal and C source code for the Meteor algorithm is provided; code for the GUI isn't.



"Freeware" is software which is free of charge, but whose source is not available.

Program Description / Notes
DISPRO Digital filter design and simulation software for DOS.